Horizon Europe - UK participation agreed

As part of the agreement reached in late December 2020 between the UK and EU on their future relationship the UK will be able to participate in the Horizon Europe programme. Horizon Europe is the EU's research and innovation competitive funding programme with a budget of over 95 billion euros. The programme starts this year with initial calls likely in March/ April 2021.

Wales has been successful in receiving funding from the previous Horizon 2020 programme with over £100m received by Welsh organisations including universities. In addition to the funding EU programmes support research networking and collaboration across Europe and beyond which are vital for building and sustaining a high quality research ecosystem.

Welsh universities will be able to join Horizon Europe project consortia, bid for European Research Council grants, engage with the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions and contribute to the ambitious Horizon Europe missions to improve cancer survival rates, clean water systems, create climate-neutral cities, improve soil health and adapt to climate change. 

WHEB will be working with colleagues across Wales to ensure information about the new programme is disseminated and will also work with networks in Brussels to ensure Welsh eligibility to participate in the programme is recognised.

For further information on Horizon Europe please check the European Commission's information on the programme  and also the UK Research Office (UKRO) have produced a number of useful factsheets on Horizon Europe.